``The Best is yet to Come`` begins in:


El Más Difícil Todavía (The Best is yet to Come)

The place and the moment where we carry out the event “El Más Difícil Todavía” is…

Joining the most important bailaora (flamenco dancer) in this century and paying homage to her with the greatest from Gaditano (from Cadiz), Catalan, Balearic, Japanese and Mexican chefs.

Our great meetings of 2014 and 2016 were memorable … But NOW we go for the most difficult yet (EL MÁS DIFICIL TODAVÍA).

The fusion of the world of gastronomy, shows, and the dance on the high-speed train AVE.

The “Flower Power Bubble Train” of the 60’s in Ibiza will also be staged on the train.

The union between gastronomic cultures and the dance is not only on the train. The world’s greatest flamenco artist, SARA BARAS, accompanies us with her exclusive show at the Bodega Gonzalez Byass.

The Star Tapas will be presented by Michelin Star chefs.

Chirigotas and Halloween party with our David Oleart, (icon of progressive 90’s techno in Barcelona) in the prestigious luxury Hotel Barceló Montecastillo, where we will stay three nights with many activities such as the championship of Soccer, Carts, Spa, Golf…

In Cadiz we will enjoy the brotherhood between cultures within an icon of the city such as the Baluarte de los Mártires, and of the Córdoba family (El Faro de Cádiz) that will delight us with their exquisite food from Cadiz.

We will wait for you with a thousand of surprise…

For our unforgettable memories, we will be accompanied by …

Mr Emilio Molines, the journalist, curious, intrepid, traveler…

Mr Carles Allende, one of the best photographer in gastronomic history

The coordinator of chefs on the train is ALBERT RAURICH

The kitchen supports are: Rafa Zafra, Rob Roy & Oswaldo

The gastronomy of Cádiz-Catalan, Japan, Balear and Mexicanpayhomageto thegreatest… SARA BARAS

We, the organizer of the event, would like to ask you to keep calm when you apply for the tickets since the requests of the tickets are triple more than that of available.


foto evento montecastillo_INGLES


08:30/9:30 Meeting at the Sants station in Barcelona. Coffee and biscuits by Renfe

09:40 Aperitif at dawn…

14:55 Arrival in Sevilla.

15:20 Transfer to Jerez de la Frontera by bus.

17:00 Arrival at the hotel Barcelo Montecastillo Jerez de la Frontera (5*)

19:00 The night of real flamenco show

21:00 JUANLU of the restaurant LU, who is the first Michelin star for Jerez in the history.
We will delight you with his cuisine based on the tradition and innovation of Jerez.

8:00-10:00 Breakfast at the hotel

11:00-13:00 Activities (options)

-The Champions Cup of Montecastillo Golf

-Alonso Formula 1 KARTS: In the Circuitof Jerez, only for“PROFESSIONALS”

-TheSoccer 7 Champions League in the Montecastillo Arena. Best8, Semifinals and Final.

-Relax… SPA &Massage…

13:30 -15:30 Aperitif and Festival of wild blue fin tuna from almadraba by the group Faro in the hotel Montecastillo.

There is a special trophy for the championteam.

17:00 Departure from the hotel for La Bodega González Byass

17:30 Reception in the Bodega (winery) by González Byass Family:

Dreams & Magical Times

Welcome drink: a glass of Tío Pepe by the oenologist of the winery, MrAntonio Flores, who is the best Oenologist of Sherry in the world And a show of magical horses of Jerez (Andalusian) Visit the winery with three stations where you can enjoy the culinary and artistic shows … they will bring you to another world full of artists that many of them have collaborated with the “Cirque du Soleil“.

20:15 The great show of SARA BARAS

21:30 STAR TAPAS presented by STAR CHEFS

Albert Raurich, Albert Adrià, Carles Abellán, Nandu Jubany, Paco Méndez, Rafa Zafra, Andreu Genestra, Juanlu Fernández


“Surprise Tapas” by La Bahía de Cádiz with special collaboration of the family from Cadiz:

-Fernando Córdoba (Faro del Puerto) -El Campero( Pepe Melero) -José Manuel Córdoba (Ventorrillo El Chato)

-Mario Jiménez (Faro de Cádiz) -Javier Córdoba (Catering Faro) -Restaurant Antonio (Mota Family)

-Álvaro Rivera (Restaurant Yoko)

Performance of our artists and our DJ David Oleart during dinner… EVERYTHING FOR ALL

23:30 Performance and presentation of the Gala homage for Sara Baras by the great artist Manolo Tallafé

00:30 Departure to the hotel Montecastillo for the FIESTA HALLOWEEN

1:00 Let’s start the party of AREA CONCOR by David Oleart accompanied by Xavi Alba

“Until dawn in the castle of our hotel” The Fiesta Halloween… the best of your life

6:30 –7:00 Breakfast with churros at the hotel. “ONLY THE VETERANS CAN REACH TILL HERE”

The Fiesta “DE TODO PARA TODOS” (Everything for All)

Till 13:00 Free time

13:15 Going out for the great day in the BALUARTE OF LOS MÁRTIRES

15:30 Lunch by catering and el Faro Group

17:00 The Chirigota Show


19:30 Farewell with SARA BARAS and FRIENDS

20:00 Olivier salad, Potatoes with sauce, molletes (special bread in Andlusia) of Casa Pinto (Barbate), our chicharrones (pork belly) of Casa Manteca. With the best Iberian ham in the world and Payoyo Cheese forever with us.

9:00-11:00 Breakfast at the hotel

13:00 Transfer from the hotel to the train station

15:55 Departure from Santa Justa (Sevilla) Station to Barcelona by AVE (a high-speed train)

Tapas of Cadiz by catering El Faro and Cocktails by Marc Álvarez

Enjoy the meal, drink and show “until the end”


21:15 Arrival in Barcelona safely and happier, we hope… We are sure!

raurich INGLES

Albert Raurich

Albert Raurich entered the recently inaugurated School of Hotel & Restaurant Management in Barcelona, belonging to the first promotion and coinciding in it with chefs and friends such as Quim Marqués, Carlos Abellán, Sergi Arola, José Ramón Andrés…
After working at the Els Pescadors restaurant and then El Café de l’Academia as a head chef, in 1997 he started working at elBulli for 11 years. The last 7 years of elBulli he was the head chef.
His gastronomic proposal is based on the concept of tapas and Asian cuisine, mainly Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai.
In 2008 he opened his first restaurant: Dos Palillos and received the first Michelin Star in 2012.
In 2016 he opened his second restaurant: Dos Pebrots, based on the investigation of historical dishes from the Mediterranean.

En 2008 abrió su primer restaurante: Dos Palillos y recibió la primera estrella Michelin en 2012.
En 2016 abrió su segundo restaurante: Dos Pebrots, basado en la investigación de platos históricos del Mediterráneo.


Albert Adrià

Albert Adrià forged his professional career as a chef of the elBulli restaurant with his brother Ferran Adrià. He was in charge of the pastry at first and the creative area later.

1997: elBulli receives the third Michelin Star

2012: Create La Cala Albert Adrià, a brand based on the aperitif with creativity

and the difficulty of innovation in all his products.

2013: Receives a Michelin Star for Tickets and another one for 41º

2014: Pakta, a Nikkei restaurant, receives a Michelin Star

2015: Hoja Santa and receives a Michelin star

2015: Heart Ibiza created by Albert and Ferran Adrià and Le Cirque du Soleil

2015: In the magazine “Restaurant” recognized as “The best Pâtissier in the world

2018: Enigma receives a Michelin Star

2018: Cakes and Bubbles at the Café Royal in London

2019: Mercado Little Spain in New York with Jose Andrés


Carles Abellán

He has been able to convert the most imaginative concepts of el Bulli, where he started and formed, into affordable and playful proposals, while working from the maximum culinary solidity, the tradition Catalan “tapera” and “platillera” and his projection to the avant-garde.
(Written by the inspectors of the MICHELIN guide)
The idea of Carles Abellán, a restless and enterprising chef who has not stopped since he passed through the el Bulli, is to offer us the authentic taste of the sea and a succession of sensations that find their starting point in the wonderful fish and seafood obtained daily in the market. His appetizing proposal seeks interaction, so you participate in what they are preparing for you, and that the products maintain their essence after a minimum intervention.
Currently Abellán leads 8 restaurants, each one has its own character.
In 2007 he received a Michelin Star for his restaurant Comerç24

foto nandu

Nandu Jubany

Go from one side of the kitchen to the other, remove a pan, fill the boiling pot with the ingredients, touch the meat to see if it’s ready or you need two more minutes, remove again the sautéed for the paella, revise the stew of the oven … service after service, with an open mind, the feet firmly rooted in the ground and the heart popping out of the mouth for emotions and clear mind and always restless.
In this way Nandu Jubany’s gastronomic proposal falls in love day after day, searching and finding the balance between a traditional quality cuisine and a modern and bright one, between complexity and subtlety.
His restaurant Can Jubany received the Michelin Star in 1998 and also three Repsol Suns in 2014.


Paco Méndez

Paco Méndez, born in Mexico City and begins his love for gastronomy from his childhood. His grandmother is the one who introduces him to this world, which leads him to discover traditional Mexican flavors and recipes.
Making dreams come true … Paco Méndez and Albert Adrià on a trip in Oaxaca (Mexico), decide the name of what will become, one year after of its opening in 2015, one of the best restaurants of Mexican Cuisine in Europe:

HOJA SANTA Restaurant.
2015 Obtaining in record time its First Michelin Star, this being a record that approx. Only 10 Restaurants in the world have achieved it.
2016 Repsol Sun for Hoja Santa
2016 Hoja Santa and Niño Viejo enter the list of the 50 Restaurants with the most waiting list in Spain


Andreu Genestra

His dream was to be part of the best restaurant in the world and in 2008 he landed at Ferran Adriá’s Bulli throughout that season and part of the 2009 season. Since then, based on the experience in the restaurant of Cala Montjoi, he yearned to excel day after day.
His first position as a head chef came from the restaurant El Pi of Barceló Formentor for 3 seasons.
After an arduous process of training in numerous prestigious restaurants, both in Spain and around the world (London, Paris, Stockholm, Moscow, Miami, Kuwait …), the chef Andreu Genestra decided to return to his origins and exploit the essence of his native island.
In April 2011 he decided to open his own Restaurant Andreu Genestra at the hotel Son Jaumell in Capdepera (Mallorca).
With a lot of work and sacrifice during 3 years, the Michelin guide gives it a Star and the Repsol guide recognizes it with a Sun.

juan Luis

Juanlu Fernández

Juanlu began his career with artisan pastry and then traveled through different cuisines of great chefs in Spain to explore his passion for French cuisine and merge it with the most traditional and patient cuisine of his homeland, Jerez.
His enthusiasm, along with his culinary training and his tireless ability to reinvent the rear guard cousine, is the guiding thread of the dishes he creates.
Juanlu describes his cuisine as “avant-garde of rear guard”.
His culinary personality fuses his own heritage with innovation and the classic touches of haute cuisine. Traditional dishes, but with a certain rogue touch, which will transport you to an unexplored world.
In 2018 the restaurant Lú Cocina y Alma brings the first Michelin Star to Jerez.


Rafa Zafra

Rafa was born in Seville. From the age of 16, he has been present in the kitchen as his family was in charge of the old Posada de Alcalá, a place that showed him the bases, respect and love for Andalusian cuisine.

In 2008, with the approval of Ferran Adrià, Rafa takes over as a head chef and collaborates with the world of El Bulli thanks to his contributions of Andalusian flavor and purist.

With only 26 years of age, he won and retained two Michelin stars that he held from 2008 to 2011 as well as having 2 Suns in the Repsol guide.

In 2010, he collaborated with Albert and Ferran with the Tickets project, and the 41º, and also in 2015 in Heart Ibiza.


For 2016, he opens the Estimar restaurant in Barcelona, where it will seek to transmit his purest feeling of love towards the Mediterranean.


Álvaro Rivera

Álvaro’s father is from Barbate, Francisco Rivera, of the restaurant La Traiña. After studying restaurant management and working at the Meliá Sancti-Petri, he decided that he liked the cooking as much as to dedicate himself to it. That’s why he began to learn as a chef, starting with a training course for the Meliá Hotels International and then at the Ciomijas Hotel Management School.
His career has been marked by his work in several restaurants in Spain, known with Michelin stars, such as Kabuki, a Japanese cuisine; o Tickets and Enigma.
Soon he opens his restaurant Yôko, of Japanese-Mediterranean fusion cuisine, in Barbate, where is known as the “City of Tuna fish”. And on its coast of Barbate they catch by “almadraba” (an elaborate and age-old Phoenician technique for trapping and catching tuna fish) the best wild tuna fish of the world – Atlantic Bluefin tuna.

Sara Baras

Sara Baras is one of the most prestigious and recognized representatives of the performing arts internationally. She has been directing her own dance company, Flamenco Ballet Sara Baras, since 1997 as a dancer, a director and a choreographer. So far she has premiered 13 shows of her own creation performing and done more than 4,000 performances worldwide. She has presented her shows in such mythical venues as the Royal Albert Hall in London, Opera House in Sydney, Carnegie Hall in New York, Grand Theater of the Liceu in Barcelona, ​​Champs Elysees Theater in Paris, Grand Theater in Shanghai, Orb Theater in Tokyo , Concert Hall of Hong Kong, Kennedy Center of Washington DC, Esplanade Theater of Singapore, Palace of Congress of the Moscow Kremlin, Adrienne Arsht Center of Miami, Sejong Theater of Seoul, Theater of Fine Arts of Mexico City, Opera of Dubai or Royal Theater from Madrid among others.

For her work and the dissemination of culture throughout the world she has received numerous awards and distinctions, for example: distinction “Honorary Ambassador of the Spain brand” received from her Majesty King Felipe VI, the Médaille de Vermeil de la Villa Paris, the National Prize of Dance 2003, 5 awards MAX of performing arts, the Gold Medal from John Fitzgerald Kennedy Foundation for the performing arts in Washington DC, the Galileo Prize 2000 awarded by the city of Florence, the title of ” Ibero-American Ambassador of Culture ” and so on.

She has been the image of advertising campaigns such as “Triumph”, “El Corte Inglés”, “Cartier”, “Cruzcampo”, “Carbonell”, “Image of Andalusia” and “Madrid 2016”. Also she was starring the advertising campaign for Freixenet in the Christmas season 2011-2012. She gave her image to MATTEL in favor of Children’s Villages for the presentation of the “Barbie Sara Baras”, which is an exact collector’s replica that makes her the first personality in Spain to have a Barbie in her image and likeness. The exclusive watch, Jaeger-Leocultre, dedicated her a limited edition collection of their model of “Reverso” with carving her image on the back of the collection’s watches.

Even her busy schedule has not prevented her from helping the needy by collaborating in several solidarity projects such as the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (she has recently directed and starred in the 50th Anniversary Gala of the foundation of el Gran Teatro del Liceo in Barcelona), Children’s Villages, the fight against cancer, the Down Syndrome Foundation and the “My Princess Rett” Foundation of which she is a godmother and with whom she actively collaborates in the research and treatment of Rett disease.


It all started 20 years ago, thanks to the labor relations of my father, Álvaro Montero, who worked as the director of purchases of Lafuente in the year 63 and Colmado Quílez from 1973 to 2000.

In 1998, he introduced me to the world of canning (Conservas Guau – Alimentos La Formidable)

From then on, I started working in canneries, going through different positions, from production to commercial management. My work experience goes through Galician canneries, canned anchovies, bluefin tuna in the south of Spain (including the commercial director of the Wild Bluefin Tuna Museum of Almadraba between 1999-2012), caviar (introduction of Riofrío caviar in Catalonia from 2000-2012 ) and currently leading the management of Bodegas Izquierdo and Queso Payoyo.

But the main reason why we are here is my enthusiasm to generate something that covers my concern to mix my influences from Barcelona, Cádiz and Japan.

Nota de prensa


Algunos de los chefs nacionales más reputados del momento parten rumbo a Andalucía en “El Más Difícil Todavía”; un exclusivo viaje gastronómico, que reunirá a 9 estrellas Michelín, para rendir un espectacular homenaje a la bailaora gaditana, Sara Baras.

Diario de Cádiz

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Ocho estrellas Michelín para Sara Baras

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Buenos días!! Me desperté con muchas ganas de bailar!! A por todas!!😉

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